Thri-kreen Shaman, wasteland nomad.


Standing about six feet tall, Da’nk has a golden brown colored exoskeleton, gold eyes, and two antenna atop his head that would appear to be longer than a normal thri-kreen’s and almost never stop twitching. Seemingly thin, Da’nk has strength that is mostly hidden, and a strong connection to the natural world around him.

Most times Da’nk can be seen accompanied by a large feline-esq creature, that he calls Ursus. The creature’s bone white skin can be seen on its belly and hind quarters, but is covered by think gray armor like sections on his head and back, as well as the very end of its tail, which is used as a weapon along with is sharp talons and teeth. It has no visible eyes or ears, giving it an other worldly appearance to those unfamiliar with the creature.


Da’nk was a former leader of his people. Speaking with the spirits he guided his people well. Then one day he had a dream of a great thri-kreen leader that had forged an alliance with the other races of the world. With these alliances, the thri-kreen people prospered. His path was set before him, he would leave his pack and attempt to restore the alliances between his people and the other races of the world.

Shortly after setting out from his pack, Da’nk made contact with a caravan of merchants. They would later sell Da’nk into slavery. The events surrounding his capture, in which he and Ursus killed several of the slavers, made his captors realize that he would best be suited for the arena rather than forced labor. Now he finds himself with his current clutch, in the slave pens.


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