Beneath a Darkened Sun

How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place
June 16 Session

Refreshed from sleep and an ample meal, the erstwhile gladiators follow High Templar Liticus through the City of Lions to their new home, a house in the Templar District.

The journey takes them past the Stel House with its twelve sword-capped towers (and a warning to stay clear of Stel affairs), past the foreign quarter (“full of rabble” and crime), into the artisan quarter, through the opulence of the High Quarter. They see the great mural depicting King Hamanu defeating “trolls” with a flaming sword, and then into the Templar District itself.

The Templar District itself is symbolic of the order and law brought to the city by the Templars: each house, road, and alley is perfectly aligned into neat rows. Each house, including the house assigned to Dahnkain and his retinue, is a three story structure with the top floor painted red and the lower two floors painted yellow.

Once there, the High Templar gives Dahnkain his stipend and leaves him to settle into his new role and his new dwelling place.

Beneath a Darkened Sun
Cast into darkness.

Urik, The City of Lions.

That’s what they call it, what with its huge army and towering walls. A model of efficiency, discipline and law Urik is a city whose citizens have traded safety and prosperity for freedom. Ruled by Hamanu, the self proclaimed “King of the World”, Urik is a city of order enforced by Hamanu’s legion of Templars.

None of that means much to you however, now that you’ve found yourself at the bottom of the Pit of Black Death, a depleted obsidian mine turned arena. You’ve been here only a few days but already it has been nearly unbearable. The arena chambers are cramped, searing hot and littered with razor sharp obsidian fragments. It is nearly The Festival of the Highest Sun and word has it Hamanu wishes to start the new year with a week long gladiatorial fights.

It is unlikely you will survive the coming fights, but the conditions you find yourself in now make death seem a welcome alternative. But there is hope, for in The City of Lions the worth of a man is dictated by his actions. If you stand victorious at the conclusion of the festival, there is precedent that Hamanu may recognize your abilities and elevate you from your current position. Whether attracting the gaze of Hamanu will prove a blessing or a curse, remains to be seen.


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