Beneath a Darkened Sun

Through the Hourglass

Having assembled with their accrued supplies near the Slave Gate of Urik, the companions set out early after the Athasian sunrise. They made good time in their morning travels along the Obsidian Way in their journey towards Malka. They broke traveling briefly during the the sun’s most brutal hours, everyone but the Dray and Mul were able to find food and water of their own.

Their journey resumed after the heat broke. They continued many hours on foot without note, before the shaman Da’nk noticed some unusually wilting plants. Upon further inspection the plants roots had been demolished, leaving only stalk and leaves. Ignorant of the meaning of this clue the group proceeded on, until the discovery of a supplies laden wagon being picked clean by vulturous winged-men. Despite a rude rebuke from the scavengers, they scatter quickly, leaving the “Clutch” with a sense of danger.

Their fears are quickly proven to be warranted as a subterranean gang of bone-clawed, beady eyed behemoths sprang from the silt and simultaneously grappled with Arkus, Veldya, and the Thri-Kreen. As the engagement progressed the Dray’s as so far unknown powers began to manifest. Dahnkain offered harsh rebukes in tortured pained Elvish to surprising effect. In the middle of the brawl, the beast holding Arkus disappeared into the ground with the Mul.

As the fight ended with the majority of the group surrounding the largest Anakore, the group scrambled to find their Quartermaster. Digging and clawing through the silt where he disappeared until uncovering a small hole to a seemingly extensive tunnel system. The Warlock, having suffered the least damage in the earlier battle was the first to descend into the tunnels. The others quickly followed before the sands closed in, securing the entrance and their fates in the dark cool tunnels of the dune freaks.


Kazic Whydon

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